1929b[1]Haverhill Christian Church was established in 1885.   “I do remember lots of wonderful things about Haverhill Christian Church years ago.  I was teaching school when the building burned which was used when I was a little girl…Children’s Day  was a memorable occasion, often so many people came that many had to look in the windows from outside as the church wouldn’t hold the crowd.  …They would spend an untold number of afternoons practicing the children to make a good program—all this without air conditioning and in the heat of summer.” remembers Norma Shaw.  “That old church was one big room and the classes met in different sections of it.  I don’t think there were ever any problems with rowdiness—couldn’t be with ones parents watching.”

fter the first church building burned in 1929, the services were  held in an oil field building.

Norma goes on…”Christian Endeavor was a highlight with contests to increase attendance we reached a count of 90 once, but that included the parents who brought their youngsters who were not old enough to drive.  It has always amazed me to remember how the youth conducted the meetings with Bible reading, prayers and discussion even though a few adults were present.  No wonder so many of those became such wonderful church leaders.”


1954On June 13, 1954 the “new” church was dedicated.  From Norma, “One time when the oil field building was used for the church, Cola and Bob came home for the summer.  They gave a concert and afterwards took up an offering as a starting fund for building a new church and now you still use it for your fellowship hall.”  She is referring, of course, to what is now known as the fellowship hall and basement classrooms.





hcc2004At Easter time in 1985, building of the sanctuary and office addition began.  The first Sunday service was held in October of 1985 and the dedication was held on Homecoming Sunday, November 17, 1985, which was the 99th anniversary of HCC.  This building added a “new front entrance and a handcrafted walnut wall to accent the baptistry area.”   The 100th Anniversary Celebration of HCC was held on Saturday, October 25 and Sunday October 26, 1986. 


new_church_constgIn July, 2003, we broke ground on our new church located at 10275 SW Haverhill Road, about 1 mile south of the old church building on the land situated on the northwest corner of the Haverhill Exit from Highway 54.  The first Sunday service was held on July 11, 2004 and the dedication was held on August 22, 2004.

As a church, she has remained faithful to the Bible.  She has no denomination affiliation and has chosen to be governed solely by the terms of the New Testament.  Elders and Deacons approved by the congregational members provide the leadership for the church.  presentchurchLeadership is not dictatorship, but loving, biblical influence and guidance. 

Our leaders believe, and the bible teaches that evangelism is best accomplished by Christians reaching out to those with whom they have an existing relationship.
Believing that people should be bonded to Christ and His church, fellowship, involvement in ministry, worship, education, and stewardship are encouraged.

Special thanks to a good friend who wrote the above history and provided it to us at HCC.


The New Church Building Begins 2003
road street 
gate side 
 The New Church Building Progressing in 2003
1eastandnwshot (1) 1looksouth
     1nwandbricks 1roadshot     
The New Church Building 2004


Inside the Sanctuary
Back of Sanctuary
Soon to be altar/stage
Sanctuary ceiling
Beside the front of the Sanctuary
Stairs up to Baptismal
DSC00096 DSC00093
One of the classrooms
Front Door Entrance
Sound Booth
DSC00075 DSC00080
6.htm2 DSC00100
April 2004
 We all wrote our favorite Bible verses on the concrete floor around the church
The New Church Building July 2004
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The Church is now complete and we can all worship in our new home
The Foyer
Heading toward the Sanctuary from the Foyer
The Kitchen