Where can God use your talents?



Worship is the way we glorify and honor God when we gather together as a family.  Haverhill Christian uses a praise band for its Sunday worship services.  Get involved through playing an instrument, singing, sharing thoughts for Communion, or helping to prepare/serve Communion for services.  



Haverhill Christian’s youth ministry is designed to help foster a life-long faith in the students with whom we are entrusted for a short time.  From studies, service projects, missions, and events we teach our students that they are not the church of tomorrow, but an important part of the body of Christ today.



The Children’s program of the Haverhill Christian Church is centered on reaching the goal of establishing a foundation in our children.  From Vacation Bible School, Children’s Church, nusery, classes, and events we love on the kids so they come to understand that there is a God who loves them very much.




Haverhill Christian uses a multi-media approach in our Sunday morning services.  By running worship software, maintaining computer systems, preparing worship presentations and incorporating encouraging videos to challenge, they help encourage a unified flow and focus in the worship of God.


Sharing the great news that there is eternal life in Jesus is central to our call at Haverhill Christian.  Get involved in warmly welcoming people to the family, sharing generously with others, serving in the community, and faithfully representing the love and grace of Jesus to all those around.


Haverhill Christian seeks to serve those in need in many ways.  Get involved in funeral dinners, food to the sick, birthday dinners, visiting shut-ins, small home repairs, maintenance detail, clean-up, and yard work for those in need.  A world of difference is made in lives by those who meet the needs that arise in the body.